A window to the world of online adversaries.

Backchannel is a security research studio that builds tools for adversary intelligence and adversary attribution.

Learn about Telex Betalatest version A new tool for unmasking online threats.

🎧 Listening to the online underground

Backchannel specializes in building and operating intelligence data platforms so that customers can track the threats that are most meaningful to them.

🔍 Threat intelligence services

Backchannel supplies customers with a range of collections, analysis, and operations services. Our global collections platform allows us to deliver broad coverage with a light footprint, and provide customers with granular insights to empower business risk decisions. Read more ➡️

🪝 Adversary intelligence tooling

Our newest tool Telex creates visibility in investigations where there is none. Telex already aids security operators, counter harassment, phishing exercises, human intelligence collection, and much more. Read more ➡️

🪲 Finding threats in the software supply chain

Our recent research examines the attack surface of an open source project, and how open source software can be analyzed so as to defend against an adversary. Read more ➡️

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About us

The purpose of Backchannel is to modernize the toolkit for internet defenders.

We are building the next generation of collection, analysis, and deception technologies that empower security operators to better understand their adversaries.

This purpose cannot come at the expense of privacy, human decency, or free expression.